ICAWW Waste To Wealth Conference [postponed to November]

07-07-2022 - 08-07-2022 from 9:00 to 18:00
Africa Platform of Ghent University Association and ADI Africa

The 2022 ICAWW International Conference Waste to Wealth is targeted to become the premier forum for the presentation of technological advances, research results, new products, projects, and policies as well as successful case studies for transforming waste to wealth and developing sustainable circular economy worldwide.

The aim is to create synergy between academy, business, and policymaking in the field of turning waste into wealth. Representatives of businesses and organizations, engineers and scientists from industry, government and policy makers, academia professors, researchers and students who want to report novel scientific results, case studies, good practices, technological and commercial products advancements in the multidisciplinary areas of waste to wealth developments, circular economy and sustainability progresses are invited to attend the ICAWW Conference and interact with major worldwide experts.

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