Building a strategic framework for aquaculture education in Kenya

January 2017 to December 2019
Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (Kenia)
Vrije University Brussels (Belgium)
Karatina University (Kenya)
Maseno University (Kenya)
University of Eldoret (Kenya)
University of Nairobi (Kenya)
South Eastern Kenya University (Kenya)
Research fields
Agriculture and Food Sciences

Aquaculture education in Kenya needs to be brought to a higher level, both academic and vocational. Resources are limited and fragmented curricula exist at different institutions. A proper educational framework is missing, i.e. a strategic vision that sketches what type of aquaculture education Kenya needs, and that defines its quality criteria. This project intends to make the difference by putting in place an educational policy for the recognition of academic and vocational aquaculture programmes under the authority of the Commission of Higher Education. This project will map (scientifically/educationally) the present curricula and assess them against the results of a labour market analysis. Based on a SWOT analsis it will design a strategic vision text for the proper development of the educational landscape, defining the required competences, quality criteria and quality assessment tools.