Cultivating a community of practice to strengthen capacities for supporting the quality of life of youths with HIV/AIDS

January 2018 to December 2019
quality of life
community practice
Mountains of the Moon University (Uganda)
Hogeschool Gent (Belgium)
Makerere University (Uganda)
Research fields
Medicine and Health Sciences
Social Sciences

Despite considerable advances in HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in Uganda, noticeably less efforts have been invested towards addressing challenging experiences and longer term support needs of young people living with HIV/AIDS (YPLWHA). The chronic and multifaceted impact of HIV/AIDS transcends the contours of any sole discipline and sector, and hence requires an approach blending medical, social and pedagogical paradigms as well as micro, meso and macrolevel efforts. This project aims at cultivating a community of practice with academics, practitioners and policy makers working with YPLWHA, to form a multidisciplinary and multisectoral partnership in developing expertise and strengthening capacities on supporting quality of life of YPLWHA. These outcomes are valorised through the institutions’ pre-service professionalization of practitioners, the in-service practitioners’ support to YPLWHA and their communities, the re-invigoration of policy to accommodate a new generation of youths living with HIV/AIDS as a chronic condition and broad science communication to communities.