PhD research: Massive MIMO 5G networks planning towards power consumption and electromagnetic exposure

October 2014 to September 2019
massive MIMO
planning method
Université de Kinshasa (Congo-Kinshasa)
Research fields
Technology and Engineering
The rapid development of the number of wireless broadband devices requires that the induced uplink exposure be addressed during the design of the future wireless networks, in addition to the downlink exposure due to the transmission of the base stations. The aim of the project is to propose a 5G network planning method that optimizes the positions and  power levels of massive MIMO-LTE (Long Term Evolution) base stations towards low power consumption, low downlink and uplink electromagnetic exposure and maximal user coverage. Such planning method would be beneficial for the operators since they can build-up cost-effective wireless networks, mainly in the developing countries like the D.R. Congo where grid energy harvesting is a big challenge. And that the same time, they can address the concerns about the exposure to the electromagnetic field.