PhD research: Production et circulation de la céramique contemporaine dans l'aire Kongo (Fin XIXe - XXIe siècles)

October 2016 to September 2021
Kikongo (dialect cluster)
Research fields
Languages and Literatures

This PhD project which is a part of the KongoKing project (2012-2016) focuses on ceramics in the Kongo area from the late 19th to 21st century through an approach combining ethnographical fieldwork on surviving pottery traditions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the far northwest of Angola, the study of museum collections and archaeological excavations and surveys.

The use of such an approach is intended, first, to see how far the former ceramic discovered in excavation continues in the most recent productions, and secondly, documenting the diversity of this ceramic within the distribution area of the Kikongo language group makes possible to see how the variability of this activity and of these productions corresponds to the diversity of Kikongo language subgroups.