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Mobility from Belgium to Africa

Students from Ghent University Association can travel to Africa for

  • Research stay - within the framework of master or PhD research
  • Teaching - studying in Africa for one or more semesters
  • Internship
  • Volunteering


  • Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from UGent can find funding for development-oriented initiatives in/on Africa (research, missions, conferences, guest lectures, or awareness-raising activities) through the UGent Global Minds Fund
  • Are you interested to set up a development-related project in Africa, check the University Development Cooperation agency
  • Bilateral research cooperation (grants for PhD research) with South Africa is promoted by the Flemish Agency for Scientific Research 
  • For the regular funding channels for PhD research, click here
  • Every faculty of Ghent University also has a specific Mobility Fund to support mobility for young researchers
  • The Flemish government offers funding for climate-oriented projects in collaboration with partners in the Global South - see here
  • The Flemish government also offers PhD fellowships in collaboration with the private sector: the Baekeland Mandaten


  • UGent students can spend some time at an African university - for study or fieldwork - within the framework of a bilateral agreement with Ghent University. Funding can be provided within this framework. Contact with any questions 
  • Students can also apply for a travel grant to do fieldwork in Africa


  • UGent students can contact their departmental internship coordinators to find out about internships in Africa
  • For general information on internships or traineeship, see het Vlaams stageplatform


General information

  • Check out JINT,  the Flemish knowledge centre for international youth mobility and international youth policy 
  • This is a website for Flemish students who wish to find a scholarship for an international adventure abroad
  • The University Centre for Development Cooperation (UCOS) is a recognised Belgian NGO which aims to strengthen the global citizenship skills among students in higher education
  • Kamiel helps you to deal with all kinds of administrative problems you might encounter when planning your international stay

Mobility from Africa to Belgium

Opportunities provided by UGent

Opportunities provided locally






ivory coast

  • This website gives an overview of all research institutes in Ivory Coast. Scholars can get in touch with these individual institutes for more information




  • l'Institut de Recherche pour le Développement gives interesting information for Moroccan scholars, such as an overview of all research institutes in Morocco. Scholars can get in touch with these individual institutes for more information




south africa


  • Click here for an overview of all research institutes in Swaziland, with possible avenues for funding. For more information, students should contact these individual institutes





  • Click here for an overview of all research institutes in Zambia, with possible avenues for funding


  • The Research Council of Zimbabwe provides a limited overview of funding opportunities, and it gives you useful information on conducting research in Zimbabwe


  • Ghent University is an International Partner Institution of PASET-RSIF, and they offer PhD scholarships for African scholars in applied sciences, engineering and technology
  • Information about studying and living in Flanders and Brussels can be found here
  • For grants for a scientific stay in Flanders, click here
  • The Flemish government grants these Master Mind Scholarships for studying in Flanders 
  • Also the European Commission offers a database with more information on funding opportunities for researchers who want to travel to Europe:
  • This is an overview of EU grant opportunities for Africa



With all kinds of questions, please contact