Mission and objectives


The Africa Platform of Ghent University Association is a university platform aimed at building academic collaboration with African institutions; it also makes the Africa research available to the non-academic community.




  • unites all Africa-related expertise at Ghent University Association
  • distributes information on academic activities linked to Africa and the African diaspora
  • facilitates and empowers collaboration with African institutes on the level of teaching and research
  • raises awareness on issues linked to African societies
  • functions as a contact point for Africa expertise for non-academic stakeholders


Key actions

  • screening funding channels and bringing academics together pro-actively
  •  promoting the visibility of Africa research through social media
  • organizing the international symposium GAPSYM
  • publishing an international and peer-reviewed journal Afrika Focus
  • intensifying the link with non-academic stakeholders (socio-cultural, political, media)
  • bridging the gap between the academic world, NGOs & the private sector
  • building stronger connections with embassies, institutions, NGOs and companies in Africa
  • actively recruiting students from Africa
  • operationalizing alumni networks in Africa