8th Colloquium on Afrikaans and South African Studies at Ghent University



Horizons of Political/Poetical Contestation: South African Intersectional Perspectives across Disciplines and Languages

Call for papers – 8th Colloquium on Afrikaans and South African Studies – Ghent University
20 - 21 November 2024

Keynote speakers: Christi van der Westhuizen and Anastasia de Vries


Our call for papers invites proposals that address South African intersectional trends, and that consider the heterogeneous manifestations these can assume, both historically and contemporarily. Inspired by Carastathis (141), we believe that intersectionality should be understood not only on a personal level but as a “horizon of political contestation”. We encourage diversity in terms of academic domains by adopting an interdisciplinary stance. Although intersectionality has a long history in critical race studies and women’s studies, it has been implemented in diverse fields ranging from literature (Gqola) and linguistics (Levon) to history (Hendricks et al.), art (Ankyiah and Bamfo), musicology (Decoste), theatre sciences (Wijesiri), law (Schiek), sociology (Choo and Ferree) and political science (Hughes). Besides traditional paper presentations we will consider more creative or visually orientated contributions, panel discussions, and interviews. Our colloquium will take place in a hybrid
format with both live presentations and online contributions, allowing as many people as possible to participate and attend. Publication of (a selection of) the presented papers in a special issue of the academic journal Gender Questions is intended.


Call for papers in English-Afrikaans-Nederlands

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