Co-creating climate, migration and health priorities towards COP28: Global and Belgian Perspectives



In this outreach event, distinguished researchers and government officials will convene to deliberate on the pressing research and policy imperatives pertaining to climate change and environmental degradation, both on a global scale and within the context of Belgium. Special emphasis will be placed on understanding their ramifications for human migration patterns and healthcare systems. Our speakers will also provide insights into Belgium's role and the international community's expectations at the 28th Climate Summit (COP28), scheduled to be held later this year in Dubai.

Join us as we explore critical issues at the intersection of climate change, migration, and health, and chart a path toward sustainable solutions.

This event is free and open to everyone but registration is mandatory.




  • 18:00-18:15 Welcome message by Dr. Charlotte Scheerens, CliMigHealth, rector, Prof. Rik Van De Walle, Ghent University, and organising partner universities.
  • 18:15-18:30 Vital Connections: Unveiling Belgium's Climate-Health Agenda and priorities in International Talks by Peter Wittoeck, Head of the Federal Climate Change Department Belgium.
  • 18:30-18:45 Global Priorities at COP28, latest IPCC insights and the importance of Just Transition by Prof. Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, Université catholique de Louvain and IPCC-member.
  • 18:45-19:00 Psychosocial health impacts and displacement during the 2021 floods in the Vesder Valley in Belgium by Prof. Nidhi Nagabhatla, UNU-CRIS and McMaster University.
  • 19:00-19:15 Societal risks of climate change in Southern Africa: towards priorities for policy and research by Prof. Guy Midgley, Director School of Climate Studies at Stellenbosch University and IPCC-member.
  • 19:15-19:20 Short break.
  • 19:20-19:55 Panel discussion on integrating efforts to tackle climate change, migration and health challenges facilitated by Prof. Jan De Maeseneer, Ghent University.
  • 19:55-20:05 Closing remarks by Prof. Ilse Ruyssen, Ghent University
  • 20:05-21:30 Networking reception