EASA Annual Conference 2022 [postponed]



EASA 2022 Call For Papers

Background information

Never before has it been necessary to cancel an EASA conference due to a world-wide pandemic, but this was the unfortunate situation with the EASA conference in 2021. With EASA 2022, the educational world is looking to the future with hope and positivity, as if looking over the wide ocean that will surround delegates in Cape Town in 2022.

The organising committee welcomes delegates from all over the world, to the Cape of Good Hope, where the two oceans meet. We will gather to share findings and prospects, and savour the educational world, like the salt from the sea.

It is our wish that delegates will return to their institutions after the conclusion of this conference, enriched and refreshed, and that the experience opened horizons of hope and confidence, so that we can sail ahead and not be engulfed by storms of despair.

Call for Papers

Oral paper presentations, symposiums, workshops, round table discussions and poster presentations are the formats of presentation at the EASA 2022 Conference.


More information: https://inroll.behella.co.za/easa2022