Exhibition: Indestructibles - A look at the generation of the future of Africa



Photography by Alfons Rodríguez Texts by Xavier Aldekoa

Africa is the continent of the future. The planet’s youngest region, with a mean age of 19 years, is also a land of contrasts. Progress in education, economic growth, the development of renewable energy or the emergence of feminist movements have already begun to transform the reality of Africa. Albeit without forgetting its scars: every day, thousands of children are exposed to the havoc of war, terrorism, poverty or climate change.

In the course of more than two years, the Indestructibles project has documented the stories of 11 boys and girls in 10 African countries that mirror the achievements and the challenges prevailing in a diverse and constantly-evolving continent. This exhibition is a journey that traverses a young, energetic and dynamic territory. One that is brimming with people who push on as best they can. And when things go wrong, they try to be indestructible, and survive.

Venue: Espai Catalunya Europa (Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat, 227)

This exhibition can be visited from May 12 to June 24 from Monday to Friday. It will be in Catalan, English, French, and Dutch.

More information: Indestructibles Africa - Xavier Aldekoa, Alfons Rodríguez