IOM Survey: Understanding People's Motivations and Behaviors to Send Money to Countries of Origin



Introduction and Purpose of the Research
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Belgium and Luxembourg is conducting a study on the motivations and behaviors of people sending or bringing money to their country of origin. These persons are referred to as remitters or senders, while the money sent or brought is called remittances. This survey, within the framework of IOM’s O-REMIT project, is intended to collect information on the profile of remitters, their motivations to send or bring money (remittances), the use of this money in the country of origin and the factors that influence the choice of remittance method. 

The results of the survey will allow IOM to develop activities that raise awareness on remittances and their various cost-efficient options. The results will be made available on the O-REMIT website:

This survey will take approximately 15 minutes, you can opt out at any stage of the process and you will have the option to indicate for each question “Prefer not to answer”.

So, are you residing in Belgium and sending money to your country (countries) of origin? Do you want to contribute to lowering the costs of remittances, so you can send more money to your country of origin? Then we count on your participation!

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