Launch of the Open Doors Fellowship Program


Take part in the Open Doors Fellowship Program and open your lab to meaningful collaboration with African Scientists!

The Open Doors Fellowship Program, coordinated by IPBO (Institute of Plant Biotechnology Outreach) in partnership with VLIR-UOS and UGent, targets post-doctoral and mid-career women working in African (inter)national research centers. Our program aims to support researchers and prevent talent from leaving the scientific pipeline.

The program is structured in two phases. In Phase 1, our fellows expand their research horizons and scientific network in Belgium through a three-month fully funded short research stage. In Phase 2, upon returning to Africa, fellows can tailor their training curriculum over 16 months by accessing courses from the VIB training online portfolio.


As we enter the second year of candidate selection, we are looking for Flemish labs willing to host our fellows from May 2024 up to 12 weeks. The program covers all official bench fees, visa paperwork, accommodation, stipend disbursement, and travel arrangements. All you need to do is to open the doors of your lab!

There are two modalities to join the program: Modality A (establishing new partnerships with applicants of the ODFP) or Modality B (consolidation of ongoing collaborations presenting a project together with a fellow). By joining the ODFP, your lab can gain insights into African research, expand your network, promote diversity and inclusivity, and enhance your group's capacity and mentoring skills.

The Principal Investigators who previously took part in the ODFP have been highly satisfied with the outcomes of their collaborations. If you still have doubts, you can listen to their enthusiastic testimonials here.


For any questions regarding the program and how to join, contact IPBO or visit our website.  

If you are interested in joining the program, get in touch with us before the 15th of October, 2023.


The  IPBO team