Lecture on Decolonization and Black Repair



The decolonial learning network at the UGent and the department of Conflict and Development Studies are organizing a lecture on "Decolonization and Black Repair: reparative ecologies and humanness after disaster in the Caribbean" by Professor Perry Keston. The lecture takes place on Wednesday 22 March from 17:00 to 19:00 in auditorium H (Technicum 2).


Prof. Perry Keston: Decolonization and Black Repair: reparative ecologies and humanness after disaster in the Caribbean

By imperial design, the Caribbean region was created and traversed as uneven yet interconnected archipelagos of Black dispossession, devaluation and dehumanisation. On this basis, Caribbean leaders have initiated reparatory justice claims, demanding restitution for longstanding systemic inequalities stemming largely from plantation slavery, colonialism and native genocide. This presentation will briefly interrogate the Caribbean program for reparatory justice drawing out its political strategies and ideological underpinnings tethered to plantation legacies. Further, I will focus on the significance of the "plot" in the 21st century challenging the current elite-led “reparations-for-development” project that reproduces a narrow modernizing form of economic reparations akin to the plantation present premised on the continuation of the postcolonial liberal state. By examining the potential of the "plot" in the 21st century Caribbean and ongoing climate and economic disasters, I wish to highlight how communities build solidarities and mutual care, or reparative ecologies, which I define as the collective efforts, alternative economic arrangements and epistemic frameworks that communities facing multiple, intersecting disasters deploy in response to external market and socio-ecological pressures.


Keston K. Perry, PhD. is a political economist and Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at Williams College, USA where he teaches courses on race, reparations, colonialism and climate change and global finance and governance.

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