Lecture series and artistic interventions: Engaging pedagogy through the arts



The research group Culture & Education (Ghent University) kindly invites you to a series of lectures and artistic interventions. This program invites the audience to learn about how pedagogy can engage the arts and vice versa. How can the arts establish spaces where people dialogically reflect on institutional inequalities and cultural heritage? How can the arts engage people who think differently in imagining shared futures?

We will explore these questions with experts connecting academia and the arts. 
Laura NsengiyumvaHari Prasad Sacré: Decolonial storytelling workshop for grown-ups (23/11)
Renzo Martens: Hot Topic Lecture: from ‘Enjoy Poverty’ to ‘White Cube’ (30/11)
Fleur Pierets: Guest lecture on Queer Artivism (07/12)
Nizhónígo Yííkado: Navajo storytelling, performance and lecture (02/12 & 14/12).
Explore the details of each lecture/intervention in this document. Do not hesitate to share this invitation with potentially interested colleagues and students.