New international Master programme SINReM acquires EIT quality label for excellent teaching approach

New international Master programme on sustainable management of raw materials SINReM acquires EIT quality label for excellent teaching approach
The new international Master programme “International Master of Science in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management (SINReM)” ( has received, as first educational programme coordinated by Ghent University, the EIT quality label ( The EIT label is a quality certificate which is only awarded to excellent educational programmes, that are focused on innovation and development of entrepreneurship skills, creativity and leadership. Programmes with an EIT label are always based on advanced integration of the components of the knowledge triangle, reseach, education and innovation. The SINReM programme is coordinated from within the International Training Centre from the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering (Prof. Gijs Du Laing) and runs in cooperation with the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (UGent), Uppsala University (Sweden), TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany) as well as a wide range of international academic and non-academic partners. It brings together students with backgrounds in various disciplines (e.g. chemistry, geology and engineering) aimed at searching together for sustainable and innovative solutions to future scarcity of raw materials, also targeting a circular economy. The students stay in at least 3 different countries (Belgium, Sweden and Germany). This programme is organized under the auspices of the Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) ‘EIT Raw Materials’. In that way, the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) provides a link between research, innovation and education in the raw materials sector. The SINReM programme also recently acquired support from the Erasmus Mundus (Erasmus+) programme of the European Commission. This allows SINReM to award scholarships to international students and lecturers from the next academic year onwards. Applications for participation in the SINReM programme for the next academic year (2017-2018) can be received until July 14 via . Thanks to the recently acquired Erasmus+ funding, the programme can give tuition fee waivers to a number of European students for the academic year 2017-2018.
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