Seasonal School: The climate, migration and health nexus: mechanisms of mitigation, adaptation & loss and damage



CliMigHealth is organizing a transdisciplinary course on the climate-migration-health nexus. Topics cover understanding the nexus linkages and mechanisms, exploring innovative solutions, and examining governance factors and implications.

Seize the opportunity to enhance your critical thinking and expertise on this highly relevant topic for our society and future world. Interact and network with fellow doctoral researchers, CliMigHealth network partners, and partnering universities’ in-house experts.


The seasonal school will be strongly transdisciplinary, with six invited top researchers - members of the CliMigHealth network - providing each a lecture taking a different perspective on the climate-migration-health nexus, in line with one of the research streams defined in the CliMigHealth research framework (i.e., the climate perspective, the migration perspective, the health perspective, the role of governance factors, and innovative transdisciplinary methodologies). This will allow students from different backgrounds to improve their understanding of

  1. the interconnections between the various dimensions of the nexus in various regions of the world,
  2. the impacts of the nexus on affected and at-risk populations,
  3. mitigation and adaptation strategies in relation to health and mobility,
  4. the role of regional and global governance factors,
  5. and novel transdisciplinary methodologies and approaches to study the nexus mechanisms.


Application deadline extended to August 21, 2023 at 23:00 CEST 


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