SGroup Think Tank - workshop Latin America (Colombia), China and Africa

On 2-3 May, the SGroup organises a workshop with focus on Latin America (Colombia), China and Africa at Ghent University.
The SGroup European Universities' Network (SGroup) is a non-for-profit organisation composed of higher education institutions from 15 European countries. The SGroup is a dynamic network with over 25 years of experience in university collaboration within Europe and beyond to foster university excellence in education and research and to promote continuous adaptation to educational and societal needs in a creative and innovative way
Ghent University is one of the 35 members of this Network.
The SGroups works with focus groups (Think Tanks) as structural initiative of the SGroup, aiming at fostering joint collaborative actions and sharing expertise in a specific region.
Since 2016, there are 2 regional Think Tanks: Latin America and China. The Think Tank Africa will be launched in May 2019.


Register here until April, 12.