Summer School on Natural Resources & Development at Kyambogo University, Uganda



We invite registrations for this summer school on Natural Resources & Development at Kyambogo University in Uganda (from 1-26 July 2024).

This course examines the linkages between development and Natural Resources, the principles of Managing natural resources, and the sustainable conservation of these resources. Depicting on case studies from a wide range of the current natural resources across the globe, the course considers how different social, political, economic cultural, and gender aspects compete for and sustain the natural resources.

The course also examines how environmental activists and their interventions conserved protected areas, energy, water, and land in the face of climate variability based on a gender perspective. The course will consider how the current international and development system elaborates and processes to sustainably manage the available natural resources.

The course aims at equipping students seeking qualifications for planning sustainable development, with practical approaches, knowledge, and skills necessary for meeting challenges of sustainable use of natural produce competent professionals who can plan for sustainable use of natural resources globally.


The course will be delivered from Monday—Thursday for Two (2) weeks on a Face-to-Face basis. On Fridays, all students shall be taken to different Historical, cultural and geographical sites in and around Kampala. These field visits will be composed of a range of ‘activities’ relating to their academic content (e.g., a national museum visit, visiting the source of the River Nile, women conservation projects, Uganda Wildlife Authority, National Environment Authority, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda wildlife education centre.

In the 3rd week, students will go to the field to translate theory into practice.

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