Virtual event "Applied Climate Research in Africa"



Join us on the 9th of June for the open-access online event "Applied Climate Research in Africa"

Climate change has a substantial impact on food systems' stability. Hampered food production and availability directly impact smallholder farmers, who are the most vulnerable stakeholders. Thus, to minimize climate change's detrimental effect, food production chains need to incorporate mitigation and adaptation mechanisms to guarantee food security.

This satellite event, "Applied Climate Research in Africa, " aims to showcase examples of scientific actions undertaken in Africa to enhance agricultural systems' resilience to climate-related challenges. Four scientists from leading research centers will present their latest interventions to adapt crops and manage agricultural systems in Africa sustainably in the current scenario of climatic uncertainly. Our invited speakers will provide an overview of actual relevant examples successfully implemented in Africa regarding breeding healthier crops, their deployment in the field, farmers' adoption of new technologies, and sustainable farming practices to achieve climate-resilient agricultural and food systems.

This event is free of charge, although registration is necessary.