Webinar: Climate, Environment, and Development Issues in Africa: The ACEF Solutions Approach



We are happy to invite you on Monday December 13, from 1-2PM GMT+1, for our next and last seminar of 2021: Climate, Environment,  and Development Issues in Africa: The ACEF Solutions Approach, presented by Eng. Tambe Honourine Enow.
Tambe is the CEO and founder of ACEF, the Africa Climate and Environment Foundation and is a researcher and content writer for  YOUNGO (Youth Constituency of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate).
Join the Zoom Meeting here.
Meeting ID: 819 1301 0492
Passcode: 475117
This seminar will be recorded.
In addition, Tambe is also working on a research project on the Impacts of Mining on Climate, Environment. They intend to develop a project proposal based on their findings but are looking for input/collaborators from CliMigHealth to assist them with the project. The google drive link with the written document and videos from the mining can be found here. If you are interested in learning more about this project or want to be potentially involved, please reach out to Tambe.