CypTox: Training next level scientists and researchers to develop highly selective and safe insecticides

January 2021 to December 2024
insects and mites
human health
food security
noverl insecticides
insecticide resistance
low risk insecticides
Universite Des Sciences Des Techniques Et Des Technologies De Bamako (Mali)
International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE - Kenya)
Research fields
Agriculture and Food Sciences
Biology and Life Sciences

Some of the most acute challenges that the world faces now and in the foreseeable future are caused by insects and mites that seriously threaten human health and food security. Their control is primarily achieved by the use of insecticides: for example, malaria prevalence has halved since 2000, saving 660 million lives, with 80% of the reduction being attributable to the use of insecticides. However, both the limited availability of low risk insecticides and insecticide resistance represent a major threat, and there is an urgent need to develop new insecticides. CypTox will apply biotechnology excellence to exploit the cytochrome P450 (CYP) metabolic/detoxification pathway of target and non-target organisms, to develop novel insecticides, efficient against selected insect & mite major pests and vectors, but are highly selective and safe for mammals, pollinators and the environment. Outcomes will also include biotechnology-based platforms (high-throughput cell/enzyme- screening assays and in silico pipelines), in line and beyond Pharma state of the art, that will advance research capabilities, for future developments of low risk insecticides. CypTox will provide excellent research training within a creative and flexible environment that actively promotes the integration of academic rigor and commercial pragmatism through mobility between sectors and focused training events. The size and balance of a highly motivated consortium (6 academics/6 industrial in EU and 3 TC partners; 300 well distributed secondments), the involvement of experienced PIs in Horizon 2020 and ERC projects and the modern communication, dissemination and exploitation approaches of CypTox will ensure efficient implementation and impact, at several levels. Enhanced career perspectives for scientists and researchers will be achieved by building on a sustainable multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral network in a wide range of fields, with the integration of world leading researchers and stakeholders.