DIGItal Tools to help AgroForestry meet climate, biodiversity and farming sustainability goals: linking field and cloud

July 2022 to June 2026
digital data
farm sustainability
farm viability
value chain
policy development
climate change adaptation
climate change mitigation
common agricultural policy
agroforestry systems
International Centre For Research In Agroforestry (Kenya)
Research fields
Agriculture and Food Sciences

Growing agroforestry with digital tools

Combining trees with crops or livestock on the same land has the potential to mitigate climate change. As a resilient agricultural practice, agroforestry (AF) can sequester carbon, preserve biodiversity and contribute to food security by diversifying agricultural production. The EU-funded DIGITAF project will promote AF systems. Specifically, it will co-develop digital tools tailored to the needs and concerns of AF target groups, including policy actors, practitioners and actors involved in the AF value chain. The project will implement six Living Labs in different countries to ensure an end-user-centred multi-actor approach. Bringing together 25 partners from 20 countries, DIGITAF will cover the entire AF value chain. It will contribute to farm sustainability, climate change mitigation, biodiversity preservation and soil conservation.