Environmental changes in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands since the late 19th century

land use
land degradation
Mekelle University (Ethiopia)
Research fields
Earth and Environmental Sciences

The research group on Physical Geography at Ghent University carries out research on medium- and long-term environmental changes in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands, upper Tekezze basin. This involves a large number of studies on Long-term assessment of land use and cover (LUC) changes, land degradation and resilience, understanding gully erosion in the Northern Ethiopian Highlands: networks, rates and controlling factors, REDD investigations, analysis of desertification and resilience in northern Ethiopia since 140 years, mountain stream dynamics as impacted by LUC changes and rainfall variability, treeline dynamics in Afro-Alpine zones, as affected by climate change and anthropo-zoogenic impacts, and more, carried out since 2007 at the Department of Geography.