PhD research: Return in context: The impact of community members’ expectations on reintegration processes of returned migrants in Cameroon

November 2019 to September 2024
international migration
community expectations
post-return wellbeing
reintegration processes
support services
University of Buea (Cameroon)
Research fields
Social Sciences

In Cameroon, international migration is coupled with specific socio-cultural expectations regarding an increase of wealth and sharing of resources. However, it remains unclear how this community expectations influence the everyday experiences of Cameroonian migrants who return to their country. This project addresses three main goals, (1) by investigating the concrete community expectations towards returnees and (2° by mapping the governmental support structures that are available for returnees; (3) this research aims to reveal how community expectations and formal support structures influence the return experience. As such, the research project contributes to knowledge on how differences in post-return wellbeing emerge.