Social resilience after sexual violence in Eastern DR Congo: from decay over reparations to accountable governance

September 2022 to August 2027
social resilience
eastern DRC
sexual violence
Université Evangélique en Afrique (Congo-Kinshasa)
Research fields
Law and Political Science

Eastern DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) has known over three decades of war and violence in which the population in general and women in particular became victimized in a situation of state and societal decay. Increasingly calls are made to initiate a transitional justice policy that should end the vicious cycle of violence and impunity. Aiming to contribute to the latter goal, this project focuses on an often overlooked stage that precedes transitional justice: ongoing, non-state processes of social resilience and reparation. This will be done by (1) developing comparative, empirical and theoretical insights into how social resilience and reparation can develop into sustained societal and institutional responses contributing to accountable governance; (2) structurally improve and strengthen the research capabilities (e.g. methodological and theoretical skills) at the Congolese partner institution (students, PhDs and staff members); (3) strengthen the advocacy initiatives that translate findings to and through participation of international and national civil society and political stakeholders.