Strategic Institutional Partnership with Jimma University (Ethiopia)

January 2018 to December 2021
joint PhDs
veterinary medicine
health (general)
Jimma University (Ethiopia)
Research fields
Institutional University Cooperation

Based on the limitations of both above-mentioned projects, the proposed SIP project will serve a first major objective: UGent investigators that were active in Jimma University before, in the context of the IUC project, but not currently involved in the UCBHE network project, due to the fact that their discipline is not covered in the health-based theme, will be offered the possibility to take up an Ethiopian PhD student in the NASCERE framework. These UGent promotors will be supported with the SIP budget, so that they have a budget for travel and/or expenses for their research.


A second major objective constitutes the involvement of new UGent investigators, especially those from disciplines that were not yet involved in the IUC or network activities, such as civil engineering, sociology, anthropology, criminology and economy. The SIP project will advertise the opportunities for collaboration, also for these disciplines, and bring investigators together from these disciplines with colleagues who have been active in Ethiopia. A match will be provided with colleagues at JU as well. This could lead to a North-South partnership with joint research and possibly PhD research using the NASCERE project with financial support from SIP for the North promotor. Furthermore, it could also lead to proposal writing for VLIR-UOS projects or projects sponsored by other donor organisations.