Strengthening capacities and promoting innovation in plantomics at the University of Sfax

December 2022 to November 2026
sustainable agriculture
healthy nutrition
University of Sfax (Tunesia)
Research fields
Agriculture and Food Sciences
Medicine and Health Sciences

Strengthening plantomics in Tunisia: towards sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition

Plant biotechnology harnessing omics – proteomics, metabolomics and phenomics – promises to address the critical challenges of global food security and sustainable agriculture. However, the capacity to use and apply ‘omics‘ technologies and the wealth of Big Data they produce is not globally available. The EU-funded INPLANTOMICS project will foster scientific excellence and innovation at the University of Sfax in Tunisia via collaboration with a strong European partnership. It will pave the way for future implementation of the first North African plant biotechnological platform promoting sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition. The knowledge will be shared with a broader group of stakeholders, including farmers, breeders, nurserymen and agri-food producers, to enhance impact.