Strengthening training and research capacity in Epidemiology and biostatistics to enhance Public Health research at Mountains of the Moon University (MMU)

September 2022 to August 2024
competence-based curriculum (CBC)
course modules
capacity building
skills transfer
public health
Mountains of the Moon University (Uganda)
Research fields
Mathematics and Statistics
Medicine and Health Sciences

This two-year project will facilitate the development of a competence-based curriculum (CBC) and production of course modules for the Master of Science Degree in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Mountains of the Moon University. The combination of skills in both epidemiology and biostatistics will ensure correct and cost-effective collection, analysis and interpretation of epidemiological research data thereby providing valuable evidence to guide public health policy and decision-making processes. Capacity building in statistics is a key development priority in many countries as emphasized by the VLIR-UOS country strategies. The need for advanced skills in epidemiology and biostatistics is one of the main health themes for cooperation on improved health in the South. This project will facilitate skills transfer from highly experienced Statistician and Epidemiologist in the North to faculty at Mountains of the Moon University. Capacity building in both biostatistics and epidemiology will foster public health, clinical and pharmaceutical research that is relevant to the south. The project will increase employability of graduates from VLIR-UOS capacity building programs, boost local capacity and collaboration in teaching and epidemiological research.