1st MYCOKEY International Conference


Mycotoxins play a significant role in food and feed safety. Legislative limits for a range of mycotoxins worldwide as well as the presence of emerging mycotoxins result in an increased number of official controls deriving from national food safety plans and for food trade purposes. The challenges in mycotoxin and toxigenic mould research are still enormous due to the frequency, the complexity and variability in occurrence.
MYCOKEY aims to deliver in 2019 the first integrated ICT tool to address mycotoxin contamination along the food and feed chain. MycoKey will integrate innovative key actions into an user friendly and cheap application, able to provide real-time information and suggestions for mycotoxin management to several stakeholders. Thanks to the participation of several Chinese partners, it will strengthen the global knowledge on mycotoxins as well as the effective cooperation with China. The conference will be in collaboration with MyToolBox.

See also: http://mytox.be/conferences/