Global Minds - New opportunities to build innovative responses to global and local challenges


Global Minds - New opportunities to build innovative responses to global and local challenges

Ghent University has a strong tradition in University Development Cooperation. We wish to further expand and strengthen this capacity and to engage in global societal challenges by

  • Providing scientific evidence to create innovative solutions
  • Expanding our networks and cooperation with universities and partners (research institutions, governments, etc.) in the Global South
  • Sensitizing the Ghent University community to International Development and the Sustainable Development Goals

Join us!

11u00 – 12u00 : Information and inspiration for newcomers in the University Development Cooperation (UDC) world: why to engage, opportunities and funding mechanisms, by Nancy Terryn

12u00 - 13u00 : Lunchbreak - networking - information stands Ghent University UDC structures and initiatives (regional platforms, ITNs, SIPs, fair trade, …)

13u00 – 13u20 : Welcome by Vice-rector Mieke Van Herreweghe and Director of Internationalization Guido Van Huylenbroeck

13u20 – 13u30 : Introduction of Global Minds Programme, by Veerle Devriendt

13u30 – 14u45 : Inspirational Global Minds projects I:

  • Tuan Long Ho, Tu Tri Truong Trinh, Stijn Bruneel (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering): "Integrated water system analysis in the Galapagos islands: from water sources to drinkwater, wastewater and back to..."
  • Leen Denutte (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences): Presentation on the workshop ”Researching and supporting the mental health and psychological wellbeing of people living in vulnerable situations: Engaging with perspectives from the South"
  • Victor Kagot (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences): "MYTOX-SOUTH: an intercontinental partnership to tackle mycotoxins: challenges, success and future perspectives"
  • Geert Janssens (Faculty of Veterinary Sciences): Presentation on the conference “Animals for Development (A4D): how protecting wildlife and improving animal health and animal production contributes to sustainable and inclusive development"
  • Koenraad Bogaert (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences): Research practice and fieldwork: "Ghent University in Morocco"

14u45 – 15u15 : Coffeebreak

15u15 – 16u30 : Inspirational Global Minds projects II:

  • Peter Goethals (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering): "The history and future of the cooperation between Ghent University and ESPOL (Ecuador): from specialised cooperation among scientists to strategic partnership between universities"
  • Dimas Rahadian Aji Muhammad (Faculty of Bioscience Engineering): “Promoting sustainable partnership between Belgium and Indonesia through Global Minds Fund initiatives”
  • Yassin Moustahfid, Robin Roels: Presentation on the conference “Ghent Model United Nations (GhentMun)"
  • Maarten Hendriks (Faculty of Political and Social Sciences), Julie Schiltz (Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences) & Tessa Boeykens (Faculty of Arts and Philosophy): "PV Festival #1: the foundation of a participatory video tradition at Ghent University"
  • Peter Decadt & Sara Willems (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences): "A playful and culture-sensitive approach for discussing sexuality among youth"

16u30 – 17u30 : Closing reception

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