Institutional University Cooperation with Université de Kisangani (UNIKIS), DR Congo

January 2017 to December 2020
sustainable agriculture
Université de Kisangani (DRCongo)
Research fields
Agriculture and Food Sciences

The Congo basin hosts the second largest rainforest in the world, yet its diversity and ecosystem services remain relatively unknown which in turn hampers the protection and the sustainable management of this unique area. Thanks to its experience and its location in the middle of the Congo Basin, UNIKIS (Université de Kisangani) is recognized nationally as a reference in the fields of agriculture and biodiversity.


The IUC programme with UNIKIS, which started in 2011, aims at strengthening the institutional and research capacity at UNIKIS and to contribute to the opening-up of the university on an international scale.


Through 2 research projects (1. Sustainable agriculture and 2. Biodiversity), this programme aims to improve food security and to contribute to an improvement of the sustainable management of the natural resources and biodiversity by strengthening research and extension. The third and last project of the IUC programme is an institutional strengthening project which aims to reinforce the institutional capacities of UNIKIS in order to improve the quality of the services the university renders to society.